Alii Michele, born Alexandria Michele Chargois, released the single, ‘Never’ from her project, “Away”. She released ‘Never’ alongside eight other songs that she created over the span of 2016. The project rooted from a place of wanting to birth original music. Not knowing where to start, Alii relied on her journaling nature to tell the stories she coNvey’s in this album. The result leaves the listener with an honest vantage point and allows for the audience to connect to the music.  

Alii was born in Houston Texas, and will proudly tell you that she is a third generation Houstonian. She was nurtured and raised with three other siblings in a southern creole household. Though she sang in school choirs, she rarely allowed for her voice to be heard elsewhere. Alii’s father (now manager), Trevor A. Chargois, coaxed her into a rewarding meeting with a producer in late 2013. Wanting to dive deeper into the Houston music scene she began attending open mics and live performing whenever available. This coincides with her personal motto of, "continue to grow." Alii began to truly bloom in this small entertainment space and a compilation of other key experiences including a twelve-week performance contract in Kyoto, Japan.  

With the debut of 'Away', Alii Michele has now matured into a songwriter and vocalist. This album -with her voice ACCOMPANIED WITH music production by Chris Rockaway- reveals the broader content of Alii Michele and what she has to share. It is a deep reveal. Her first album is filled with songs she has personally written that are heartfelt and introspective.