Gaga: Five Foot Two

I actually paused the movie to type this, I've only watched about halfway through and I already know this will be on repeat for the next year. Shit it inspired me to write this! I'm sure this wont be the last update that stems from watching this movie. 

Gaga is saying so many of the things that I am quite literally terrified about the music industry. I worry I'll lose my focus, lose control of my image, lose myself... 

Embarking on this journey is terrifying. Don't get me wrong, this is a magnificent, fantastic journey and I wake up every day wondering how I can push myself further. I just know that I could not have made it this far without the amazing people that have allowed me to use their strength to take each step.

Out of comfort zones. Out of my mind. Out of energy. Yet, full of love and hope and optimism. 


Releasing "Away"

Last Saturday, June 29th, 2017, I released my project. I'd been working on that project for a long time and was very excited and (mostly..mainly..) nervous to release it. I used this album as a journal of some sorts. I spent some parts of my life feeling isolated and music was my bridge into feeling connectivity, a source of expression for those feelings.

I started writing poems when I was younger and I've kept journals all throughout my ages. I did a lot of studying my own experiences and reactions and (mostly..mainly..) questioning a lot of things and how I've seen others handle situations (any). After releasing this project I've gotten a lot of feedback on how the listener was able to almost feel the pain I was expressing in these tracks. In another beautiful instance, someone referenced that it was almost as though I had reached into their own life experiences to write these songs. Hearing responses like these help to remind me how connected we are as emotional beings! Emotions can be a beautiful sticky and horribly fantastic aspect of our journey.

On Saturday after I announced my digital release to THE WORLD (social media), my family surprised me! They told me to meet at Belle Station in Midtown-Houston and they had arranged that during the soccer game halftime, we'd be allowed to play a portion of my album for the whole bar to hear! I was confused at first at then I was shocked and then I was happy that no one in the bar knew it was me and then I was laughing that the other patrons were being subjected to a listening party they never RSVP'd to (hahaha). We wound up at a few bars and asking them to play it wherever we went (scroll down for photos).

I hope you enjoy Away and share it with all your family and friends! You can find Away on all digital platforms :)



Talking With Friends

I've recently had the awesome opportunity to sit down with my friends at MoodSetter Radio and they were kind enough to let me tell a bit of my story. 

MoodSetter Radio is not just a podcast to learn more about your favorite local artist it's a carefully cultivated playlist of songs, by the hosts, that will help you better understand the interviewee. 

Heres a link to my interview with them: